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Hi there! 
Welcome to MayClover – a feel-good website about feminine & classic fashion. Here I show and share several trends/designs, tutorials, hotspots, mood boards, inspirational posts and creative photography for storytelling. Expressing yourself, whether that’s through fashion and creativity, can help you achieve greater things in life such as feeling more comfortable in your own skin and staying true to yourself. These are the tools that encourage you to explore, create and to embrace your own unique self.

I hope MayClover will inspire you to do the things you love and to follow your dreams!

About me

My name is Dewika (you can also call me Dewi). I live in a big harbor city called Rotterdam in the Netherlands. My background is in English literature & linguistics, and I currently work in the Publishing Industry. Next to fashion, I have a big love for books, travelling and photography/art. In my free time, you can also find me spending time with family/friends and exploring new places around the world. I felt the need for having a creative outlet for all my thoughts and ideas. On MayClover.com I would like to share content to inspire you!

If you have questions or want to collaborate, feel free to leave a comment on one of my blog posts or email me at dewi.lachman@gmail.com.