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5 must-have feminine home décor tips for updating your place

How can we add a feminine touch in our home décor and design? There are many ways to update your apartment with some feminine elements. The key to a beautiful and inspiring environment is to add a few decorations. With these added decorations without overpowering the décor, it will be even more enjoyable to unwind in the apartment after a busy day.

There are many ways to decorate your apartment with a few feminine accents.

1. Play with colours

For a lovely overall look, it is a good idea to come up with a colour theme. Of course, you can experiment with many different colour themes but it would be nice to first decide on some colour matches before you start buying your accessories. The colours don’t have to be pink only. For example, a hint of green can also be a beautiful match in your interior. Another feminine but classic look is mixing black with pink. Going for a more royal look? Don’t forget to add some golden items. The possibilities are endless!

2. Create a gallery wall

Another way to update your apartment is creating a gallery wall. The gallery wall can be fun to make as you can decide which photos, illustrations or even mirrors you want to put together. You can even include your own art on the wall for a personal touch. Using different sizes of art can also create a nice effect.

3. (Scented) candles

Candles cannot be missed when adding a feminine touch! Every room becomes cosy when there are a few candles around. For an even more relaxed atmosphere, use scented candles. There are many scent options and variants. You can opt for a warm, sweet fragrance such as vanilla or rose or for fresh scents such as lavender or mint. 

4. Decorate with flowers

We cannot forget flowers of course. Flowers have long been connected with femininity.
I think flowers always brighten up a place instantly. Whether you are putting it on your desk or on the table, it looks great everywhere.

5. Cosy with accent pillows

Another must-have to decorate your place is to get accent pillows. Pillows with for example, ruffles, silk, floral patterns on the couch or bed can give an overall feminine look. You can never have enough pillows!

Sources of photos: Pinterest

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