Content Creation: How To Beat This Bug Called Perfectionism

My Own Experience

I always loved to blog a lot. That’s how I started back in 2010 and it used to be the way I expressed myself online and even offline. It was a blast every time after spending a lot of time on taking photos, editing, writing, to hit the “publish” button and see the post on the world wide web. Having your own post online with your photos/creations just felt special and also connecting with other bloggers/creators online was great. Somewhere in 2014, I gradually stopped blogging and creating content altogether. I was busy working on my thesis at university, working a part-time job, living on my own. It all was very busy so I started neglecting my blog. Now when I think back, I wish I didn’t neglect the blog and kept on creating content as it made me very happy. I think the moment I was postponing creating content, I started to feel more anxious about starting it again. I think it was perfectionism as I saw how it all looked so ‘perfect’ everywhere else and I felt like I should make the ‘perfect’ comeback if I want to start creating content online again. Comparing yourself to others wasn’t the best way to achieve that goal. It only made it worse and weeks became months, months became years…

How To Beat Perfectionism

Why is this happening? Can I still do this? I kept asking myself. Since I always found solace in keeping myself busy and productive for my blog. When I felt sad I channeled it into writing and taking photos for my blog. Those were some frequent thoughts that arose during this long break.

“Progress is better than perfection”

One main question was how can we beat this ‘perfectionism bug’ especially when it comes to creating content so it will not go downhill again?

Here are some useful tips that I’ve collected:

Enjoy the entire process: from brainstorming about a post, creating content, editing and to finally publishing your post! I think it is key to be fully present in every step. When you are focused you will be able to enjoy while you are creating. If you only think about the results, it will distract you from getting incoming inspiration in the present. Remember that inspiration can be everywhere!

Perfectionism thoughts: notice your perfectionism thoughts such as “I am not doing it right”, “It doesn’t look as perfect as..”, etc. This voice in your head really kills the creative vibe because it is not based on the truth at all. It it therefore better to generate some alternative thoughts and say these whenever those perfectionism thoughts arise or come back. For example, “I am not doing it right” becomes “I am doing my best for now and I am proud of the progress I am making, no matter how small each step is”.

Progress is better than perfection: which brings us to this next point. No matter how small the step, every step counts. It is so much better to take baby steps daily towards your goal than to try to do a lot once in awhile.

Get up and work for it! It is all about discipline. Motivation helps us to get started but discipline helps to keep going and finish those tasks. On the way, we learn a lot and improve ourselves which will lead to motivation again. There will be ups and downs but having a clear vision and plan is important to adhere to your ultimate goal.

Having A Clear Vision And Purpose

How to have a clear vision and purpose? A clear blog vision is what you desire to accomplish through blogging in the long run. It starts with brainstorming questions such as what do I want to blog about (define your niche), what are my strengths and weaknesses, which topics can I write about for my target audience, am I solving a reader’s problem with every topic, and so on. Collect useful information and visual content. You can even think about which brand colours will fit your blog. Make a draft of all these thoughts and combine ideas.

Visualize your blog based on this info. You can even make a vision board to encourage you while you are creating content. It is important to regularly imagine your blog in the long run. Where would you like to be in a few months or even after years? What will you be known for? A clear visual representation of your blog can help during those times when it becomes overwhelming and you need some inspiration.

Taking Action & Shine (again)!

Once you start, keep trying to find inspiration around you. Building a vision is essential to gain clarity so take small steps daily but dream big!

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” -Lao Tzu

I hope this post will help you to beat (or better: learn how to live with) the perfectionism bug and to create (again)!

What are your tips & tricks to beat perfectionism?

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