Welcome to MayClover, an online magazine where you will find posts about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. I originally created this site in 2010 as a personal blog, and now it has become an online magazine that is filled with positivity and creativity. At MayClover, I hope to inspire readers to create an exciting life for themselves!

More about me:

Hi there! I am Dewi, a twenty-something blogger living in the Netherlands. I love fashion, music, books, art, photography, and animals, among other things. I created this blog as a creative outlet where I would like to share my travel journeys and personal style. When I am not writing, you can find me spending time with friends/family, listening to live music, taking lots of photos, and exploring hotspots around the world!
Join me on my adventures through life. I hope you enjoy MayClover!

Get in touch with me: dewi.lachman@gmail.com

xx Dewi


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